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Nancy Ho

Relationship Rescuer, Life Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist

No life event is so ugly and brutal that its energy cannot be transformed to better aim you towards your true goals.

-Nancy Ho-

Hi, I'm Nancy Ho. My specialty is helping people gain focus in order to better understand their relationships and goals. I have spent my life studying many disciplines related to human happiness, both spiritual and scientific. My mission is to intervene in those moments when things turn bad until you regain the certainty that you will be able to deal with your problems and stay on track.

Relationship Rescue


My new book, Love Reignited, is a handbook of 5 simple steps you can take to make love last forever. I look at the origin of conflicts within relationships. Some of those origins go back many years, even before the beginning of the relationship. I guide you into understanding these origins and overcoming the bad blood of the past. These steps release the blockage of loving feelings that have been allowing your feelings to mix with negative energy.


You can join me to learn more about my powerful therapies at any of my upcoming speaking events. My new series on Relationship Rescue will begin soon. See this page for details. I will also be teaching my Clear Mind Course and Quantum Touch technique at upcoming events.


Through all of my studies, I've found the most helpful thing I can do for a person is show them how to deflect the unpredictable adversities that get in the way of our plans. Things can happen to you that gets you stuck in patterns, frozen unable to focus on the things that make you happy today, and will make you happy in the future.


I have helped thousands gain clarity and begin moving forward, many of them soon meeting their goals. I want to help people understand the problems that interfere with the fullness of their relationships, their work lives, and other pursuits that make life truly blissful.


Regain self-confidence and discover a positive mindset. I'm Nancy Ho and I am here to help with your relationship, career, and important life goals.

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