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Relationship Workshop

Rekindle Your Love, Intimacy And Enjoy A Satisfying Relationship

Are you struggling to keep your relationship together? 

Did your conflicts stop you from enjoying love, intimacy and passion you once had?

All was good at the beginning than everything seems to change. You questioned often if you had made a mistake by choosing the wrong partner. You feel disillusioned, frustrated and angry.

Why Everything Feels So Different And Wrong

Instead of being reactive and want to make the decision to end the relationship, you need to be aware of why and what happen to the once loving relationship.
Unfortunately, people enter into a relationship with their past baggage, perhaps with pain from childhood and our past unhappy relationships. Even though you want a genuine and loving relationship that last it remains a challenge.
The closeness that you experienced with your partner in the early stages when everything is wonderful and good actually triggered the negative feelings you are having now. You may experience fear of being hurt again or subconsciously harbour dissatisfaction and resentment.

You Are Tricked By Your Mind

We have a protective mind innately that protects us from getting hurt. While this is positive when it comes from protecting us from real dangers in life, However, this is detrimental when it happens to your relationship, When you experience differences with your partner, which is inevitable, your subconscious mind cooks up all sorts of ways to protect you from possible pain. This will caused your relationship to drift and lost that magic moments and love you once had
Some possible triggered points:

You are guarded with your partner’s behaviour especially the way decisions are being made

You get annoyed with little things especially those you once thought as endearing now drives you crazy

You feel neglected when your partner does not spend enough time with you

You angered easily when your expectations are not met

You do not realise that your fear is causing you to find fault in your partner unconsciously and hence created dissatisfaction in you.
While some people may choose to end their relationship and find new love, only to repeat the pattern in their next relationship. And their unresolved issues will continue to bubble up to the surface, preventing them from ever achieving a truly intimate, loving relationship.

Rekindle and Reignite Your Relationship

While the differences and rocky relationship is not uncommon and experience by most couples.


You can disconnect this baggage subconsciously and navigate this stage successfully and fall in love again. You can rekinlde and reignite your love, intimacy and enjoy satisfaction and fulfilment.


Nancy helped 1,500 couples to uncover their hidden relationship fears and rediscover their love and passion.


There is hope in your relationship and Nancy helps you uncover your fears and opened the door to a new perspective of love and harmony you never knew was possible in your relationship. The power struggles will end  and a free flow of connection emerges.

In this complimentary relationship workshop, Love Reignited helps you to stop conflict and make love last forever and you’ll learn:
  • 5 mistakes that couples make that unconsciously sabotage their relationship and cause misunderstanding

  • Discover how a simple mental shift can help you regain clarity in your relationship

  • 5 steps to rekindle your love, passion and intimacy

  • The ultimate leverage point to fall in love again and again

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You Saved My Marriage, Nancy

I love your easy-to-follow solutions. It has not only saved my marriage but also personally helped me to shift my paradigm in my life, contributing to my overall growth. Excellent life lessons. This has given me great answers in search of meaning in my life.

Patricia T

Marketing Executive

workshop option
Two workshops to choose 
Investment : Your Desire To Rekindle Your Love

Workshop 1

8th April 2019 (Mon)

7.30pm to 10.00pm 

The Work Of Nancy Ho 

43 Jalan Merah Saga #02-72 (above Taksu Gallery)

Behind Rafflesmedical@Holland

Holland Village

Workshop 2

13th April 2019  (Sat)

2.00pm to 4.30pm

The Work Of Nancy Ho

43 Jalan Merah Saga #02-72 (above Taksu Gallery)

Behind Rafflesmedical@Holland

Holland Village

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**A signed copy by Nancy Ho,

“The Love Reignited” hard copy worth $25.00 will be given to every participant attending the workshop.

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